R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Broken, we are broken...

My friends and family are all dropping like flies lately. First our downstairs tenant, Keith, had a severe gall bladder attack (his third) and had to have his gall bladder removed. He's home now, but he had to spend a few days in hospital first, in a sweltering hot room with three other people, one of whom complained all the time about his treatment and the "incompetence" of the staff. Not fun. Then another good friend of Hubby's and mine, Glen, went into hospital two days ago because his eye had filled up with blood and he couldn't move it to the right or left without severe pain. And the doctors still don't know why or what's wrong or how to fix it...

And finally, last night, my Dad went outside, slipped on the driveway, and broke his femur. When you're 77 years old and have only one strong leg because of childhood polio (and it was the good leg he broke), this isn't nice. He'll have a cast on and be pretty much bedridden for a few weeks, because he can't really use the walker they gave him -- not enough strength in the remaining leg. They sent him home this morning, but if he and my mom (who is 70) can't work out a good system to take care of him at home, he might have to go somewhere that he can get full nursing care. Not fun.

I'm relieved that Dad wasn't worse hurt, but still, it's going to be hard on him and my Mom.
Tags: family, friends
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