R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

The State of the Dad

I went to visit my Dad again today -- all things considered, he's doing really well. With my Mom's help, he can get all the way down the hall to the living room and sit up in a chair for a while, and he's also been doing a bit of writing and e-mail in his study. And although he's having to cancel all his preaching engagements for the month (and he was booked solid for mid-week prayer meeting and Sunday services morning and evening, at a variety of places around southern Ontario) because it looks like he's got no way to get into a car with any degree of safety or comfort, he's not complaining.

I keep wanting to post something about what an amazing person my Dad is and how much I love him, but I'm afraid it'll sound like a eulogy, and he's not anywhere near dead yet. :) Suffice it to say, for now, that instead of moping around about his limited mobility and the unfairness of it all, or even trying to figure out the reason the accident happened in the cosmic scheme of things, he is actually almost excited by the thought that the Lord is going to overrule and bring good out of this somehow (even if we don't know quite how yet), and is sincerely enjoying spending some extra time reading his Bible and making notes on the thoughts that come to him without having to think in terms of material for his next sermon. And even though he won't be able to get out of the house without a wheelchair for the next 6-8 weeks (not to mention that my parents don't have access to a vehicle large enough to enable him to go anywhere in said wheelchair, so it hardly makes a difference), he's not feeling miserable about it, he's... well, just quietly and contentedly happy. If anything, I think my Mom is feeling more sorry for my Dad than he feels for himself!

So, thanks to those who've said they've been praying for Dad. Rest assured, he's doing well.
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