R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Fic, B-Day, Presents and Dad Stuff

Today was a Very Productive Day, I'm pleased to report, in spite of the fact that I feel rather achy and stuffed-up with a cold I'm fighting.

First, I finished that ALIAS fic and sent it off to be beta'd -- I'll post the link to the story here as soon as it's available (along with a couple of related links for people who don't know beans about ALIAS but would like to read the fic anyway).

Then, Hubby and Nicholas and I went and celebrated my birthday with a nice dinner at East Side Mario's (during which the speakers played 80's music, most of it good, but as usual it was Far Too Loud), and bought me my present -- a new CD/cassette player (the old one was pretty much pooched after ten years of hard use). I discovered too late that it doesn't have any kind of tone adjustment, but oh well. If I wanted super-duper audiophile sound, I'd have bought a much bigger system.

Finally, my Dad called and said that he'd been to the doctor to have his leg x-rayed again, and it seems to be healing nicely. The pain is better now, too -- and he and Mom have worked out a system by which Dad can get down his wheelchair ramp and into the car without too much trouble or heavy lifting for Mom, so he's a little more mobile now as well. He'll be able to get to at least some of his speaking engagements this month, anyway...
Tags: alias, family, fanfic, writing
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