R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

My Free Musical

And in other news, I've just inherited two free tickets to see My Fair Lady at the Stratford Festival the first weekend in August -- whee! It's too bad Hubby hates musicals ("Why do they keep stopping the action to sing? It doesn't make any sense!"), but maybe he'll be able to reconcile himself to this one: at least he's willing to go, and since he's never seen it before, he might just get a kick out of it.

You know, one of my life's thwarted ambitions is to play Eliza Doolittle. Pity our high school could never afford to do any half-decent productions, let alone that one...

And now I've just opened the web page and realized that seeing the play in August means Geraint Wyn Davies as Higgins instead of Colm Feore. Wah! Oh, well... at least it's not Richard Monette (who starts the role in September). And who knows, maybe Wyn Davies will actually be decent in the part, provided he doesn't forget himself and start biting the other cast members. :)
Tags: family, theatre
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