R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

REC: "The Perilous Point" by Natasha S.

Those in search of clever, witty, literate mid-length Snapefics with solid characterization, a dash of romance, some intriguing new concepts (as well as a fresh take on some old ones), and a satisfactory resolution, should definitely take a look at Natasha's two stories about Charms professor-in-training Cassiopeia Clemmens, Here Then at Home and The Perilous Point, now complete. If I'd been able to write half this well at fifteen, I can't imagine where I'd be as a writer now...

And once you're finished reading them, do leave a review, won't you? With so much dreck out there, good writing -- especially from such a young author -- deserves encouragement.
Tags: fanfic, hp, recs
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