R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

My mental Snape

Oh, and one more thing: I always knew that although my mental image of Snape had Alan Rickman's voice, he did not (and still does not, actually) look particularly like Alan Rickman. However, not until today did I realize who this imaginary Snape of mine does look like. "My" Snape is a late thirty-early fortysomething version of John Wood (one of these actors nobody has heard of, but who is in practically every movie ever made). I see Snape pretty much as Wood looked playing Professor Stephen Falken in WarGames, actually, only about ten years younger and with longer hair.

Now, oddly, my mental image of Sherlock Holmes is also a late thirty-early fortysomething version of John Wood. And yet I never really thought of Snape and Holmes looking alike, in spite of the other similarities...
Tags: casting, hp, snape
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