R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

I have finally decided what I'd like for Christmas, or my birthday next March, or whenever my friends and loved ones think it's a good time to give me presents. Usually, I have absolutely no idea what I want or need, even if people ask. But after spending the last three days trying to draw a new picture from scratch in Adobe Illustrator, I've realized that I need want a graphics tablet very, very badly.

You know those D&L illustrations I have up at The Sugar Quill? All inked and coloured with the mouse, and nothing but the mouse. Painstaking, frustrating, point-and-click work. You get really nice clean lines with the pen tool in Illustrator, but it can take hours playing with those little handles just to get the curves and angles right... and I don't have hours to spend any more. Plus, now that I no longer have access to a scanner, I can't even do my initial sketches in pencil and trace over them like I used to. Which makes the whole thing even less fun.

So, I want a graphics tablet. Any veteran CG'ers out there want to tell me what they think would be the best kind to get?
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