R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Dear Blogger: I Hate You

I wrote a post this morning, submitted it, and hurried off to do some housework... only to discover just now that Blogspot ate the whole thing and it has been irretrievably lost. Feh.

Well, all you really missed is an update on Paul's could-be-teething (the main reason I haven't been posting much of late) and me complaining at length about a particularly loathsome breakfast cereal I made the mistake of buying on sale this week, so it wasn't that great a loss. Just take it as given that if you ever come across something called "Woodland Berry Granola", you should run very quickly in the opposite direction.

Tomorrow my husband and I are planning to take a ten-hour (probably twelve when you include stops) road trip to southern Pennsylvania to visit some friends of ours. We did a twelve-hour drive to Iowa with Nicholas and Simon when Simon was just over two years old, and it worked out much better than I'd feared; but I'm really not so sure it's going to go nearly that well with a six-month-old, who may or may not be teething and who hates his car seat with a passion. Ulp.
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