R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

So many ideas, so little brainpower

Over the past few hours I've had all kinds of philosophical and spiritual thoughts running around in my mind that I'd like to put into some kind of coherent written form, only they need time to percolate and I need more time and energy than I currently have to make anything substantial out of them. However, I'll throw out one of the less weighty and complicated ones:

There are people who believe that a vegan or vegetarian diet is "Edenic", or more spiritually and physically ideal than the more common "Noahic" diet that includes meat. They would argue, for instance, that the eating of meat was a result of the Fall, and that God's original and perfect plan was for man to eat plant matter only -- so if we rid our diets of animal products, our bodies will be healthier and more like God intended. If I understand the Hallelujah Acres philosophy, for instance, there are quite a few conservative Christians who believe this.

What I want to know, then, is how do Christians of this mindset deal with the fact that after His resurrection the Lord Jesus not only asked for but ate a piece of broiled fish in front of his disciples? And that just before His ascension He also cooked a whole meal of fish on the beach for Peter and the other disciples who had been out fishing all night?

It's one thing to choose a vegan or vegetarian diet for health reasons, and there may even be some validity to it; but I don't think people who try to argue it from theology really have a leg to stand on. If fish was good enough for the risen, glorified, sinless Son of God, then it ought to be good enough for anybody.

(And speaking of fish, if anybody has any easy, tasty recipes for cod or sole or whatever, I'd be happy to hear them. All I ever have is canned tuna and salmon, and it would be nice to branch out a bit.)
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