R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Ten things I am grateful for on my birthday

In no particular order:

1. That I have made it to 36 years of age without suffering a life-threatening illness, debilitating injury, or the death of anyone in my immediate family. I know that this could change at any time, so I want to appreciate and be thankful for it as long as it lasts.

2. That I discovered the most incredible scone recipe yesterday, and made them and they turned out beautifully, and now I can teach my mother (who has long despaired of being able to make a decent scone, though she has tried countless recipes) how to do it, which will make her happy.

3. That my husband, while just as gift-idea-impaired as myself, and knowing that I don't really fuss over dates, was nevertheless thoughtful enough to go out and buy me a lovely card and present for my birthday, because sometimes I don't realize how much such gestures mean to me until the day actually comes and I don't have them.

4. That my computer has not yet given up the ghost, in spite of the last 3-4 months of making odd noises and crashing at intervals, because I really need to do another major backup and I haven't had time yet.

5. That the baby slept decently last night for the first time in weeks -- only woke up once, instead of 3-4 times -- and that he has also just gone down for his morning nap with very little fussing. Long may it last.

6. That my sister-in-law sent me some lovely snobby tea (imported Wedgwood Earl Grey, in individual blue envelopes so pretty it almost seems a shame to open them). I love snobby teas.

7. That Branwyn is writing me a story for my birthday, even if I don't know what it is about yet, because she is a wonderful writer and I'm sure I'll love whatever she comes up with. (She also made me a couple of delightful Tenth Doctor icons which I intend to add to my roster of LJ userpics very soon.)

8. That my oldest brother wrote me such a sweet appreciative e-mail this morning I nearly cried reading it, even though it's embarrassing to think how far I fall short of how highly he thinks of me. *sniffles* Thank you, Pete.

9. That a woman from my church who's become a close friend over the past few months rounded up her three teenaged and near-teenaged boys just before school, phoned me up and they all sang "Happy Birthday" over the phone to me. (Apparently it was even partly the boys' idea, which just goes to show what an awesome mother she is and how nifty her kids are.)

10. That the Lord is such a patient and gracious heavenly Father to me, even though I can be such a careless, indifferent, self-occupied and even plain disobedient child to Him. I am grateful for His inexhaustible grace, given to me through Christ -- a birthday (and unbirthday) gift I could never hope to deserve, much less repay Him for, but isn't that what a gift is all about?
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