R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

I'll never look at the pavement the same way again

Gacked from drakyndra over on LiveJournal, this is a truly amazing set of pictures showing trompe l'oeil sidewalk chalk art. How does the guy do this stuff? Just... wow.

In other news, I am not dead, really. Just busy-like. My big thrilling news of the past couple of weeks was returning the lovely but unfortunately redundant silver chain my husband bought me for my birthday, and getting a set of attractive apple-bordered stoneware dishes (all right, they're Martha Stewart, so sue me) instead.

I'd been using my good china (inherited from a late aunt) ever since we got married eight years ago, and it was getting chipped and broken, much to my chagrin because that pattern is discontinued and difficult to replace. So between the purchase of the new dishes and a serendipitous Craigslist find of three more dinner plates in the old pattern, I'm all set now.

Best of all, the new stoneware was marked down to a mere fraction of its original price, so after returning the necklace I was able to get twelve place settings and still have money left over!

What can I say, housewares make me happy. Especially bargain housewares. I'm weird that way.
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