R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson


I almost forgot to record something that happened tonight when we were all over at my husband's sister's place. She'd made us a nice meal, and I was pleased to see that Nicholas had helped himself generously to the food and seemed to be enjoying it, though somewhat less pleased to hear Simon chirp, "I don't want THAT!" to every second thing being passed around. However, the best, or worst, was yet to come...

Nicholas: What are we having for dessert?
Me: Let's wait and see.
Hubby's Sister: *puts out a large bowl of fruit salad on the table*
Nicholas: ...
Me (brightly, sensing impending disaster): Oh, look, Simon, fruit! You love fruit!
Simon: Yay, fruit!
Nicholas (looking bemused): What else is there?
Me: There's lots of lovely fruit here. We don't need anything else.
Nicholas (turning to his father for help): Can we stop and get something on the way home?
Me: *facetable*

Fortunately my husband's sister is a good sport, and has kids of her own, and didn't seem to take it amiss. But once we got back in the van I took pains to explain to both boys, gently but firmly, that there are things you do not say when you are a guest at someone else's table...
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