R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Finally jumping on the Googlism bandwagon...

rj anderson is a role model
rj anderson is passing for 143 yards a game but has just two touchdown passes
rj anderson is also a threat
rj anderson is struggling

rebecca anderson is a talented storyteller who creates characters the audience cherishes
rebecca anderson is in big trouble and she's just told her father about it
rebecca anderson is swamped in the mornings
rebecca anderson is an unfinished mp which shows great promise
rebecca anderson is a real hoot

rebecca is a hypocrite
rebecca is a traditional flat bottom rowing skiff similar to those used in a previous era
rebecca is in the back of the english translation
rebecca is a powerful story about true love and dark betrayal
rebecca is learning to make marks on paper with felt pens
rebecca is a masterpiece of style and substance
rebecca is the first to acknowledge that she has not done this alone
rebecca is increasingly obsessed with jack
rebecca is off to help with building a fire station
rebecca is the most dangerous man in north africa
rebecca is a terrific wife and mother
rebecca is currently releasing her debut album
rebecca is a classic horror story
rebecca is proud of doing the right thing and vows to carry on the struggle
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