R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Does anybody have any idea why a networked high-speed connection would receive e-mail OK but refuse to send it about 20% of the time? I haven't been able to send e-mail all afternoon, and I've been having this problem off and on ever since we got the network set up.

I've double-checked my SMTP settings to make sure they're correct, and I've tried closing all other programs and even restarting the computer... restarting seemed to help in the past, but now nothing works. The other computer sharing the connection also has intermittent problems with sending e-mail, though not necessarily at the same time as ours (and it uses a different e-mail address). Again, no problems receiving, just sending.

This is so weird. And Sympatico's on-line documentation says nothing about this problem or how to fix it. Feh.
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