R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Maybe the readers of this blog are the wrong people to ask, but on the other hand I don't know who else to ask, either.

While looking at my referrals today I came across a search for "Maud Moody + perfect". What exactly the person doing this search was looking for, I can't be certain, but it did remind me that I've encountered one or two (but mercifully no more than that, at least not that I could find posted on the web) complaints that Maud was "too perfect" and therefore obnoxious to the reader.

I'm honestly surprised, and rather disappointed, to hear that Maud came across this way for some people. Obviously, where these readers are concerned, I failed to make Maud a fully human and believable character in spite of my best efforts. And if so, I'd really like to know specifically where I went wrong, and what I could do/have done to correct it. I realize that it's impossible to please everyone, but if I do have a blind spot where characterization is concerned, I'd like to be aware of it and make an effort to correct those tendencies in future writing.

So, anyone out there have any thoughts? Even if you didn't personally find Maud too "perfect" for your tastes, can you see why other people might think so?
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