R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Just added a link to Shawn's Place to the sidebar. Shawn is an old friend, schoolmate and brother in Christ from the days when I lived in northern Ontario. We haven't seen each other in well over ten years, but we continue to have similar interests and concerns even if our approach is a little different (but then, I was always "a little different", right, Shawn? *g*). I've enjoyed reading the first few entries in his new blog, and maybe some of the readers here will enjoy it too.

In other news, we made a family trip to the CN Tower today. Nicholas was nonplussed by the tower's height, nervously giggly in the elevator, and a little frightened by the view from the top; the things he liked best were a huge (and by "huge" I mean "close to life-size") polar bear and moose in the gift shop at the end of the tour. Which we could easily have seen without paying the $19 admission fee (per adult -- the kids were, mercifully, free) to get in, but that's what always seems to happen when we do anything special with him.

On the other hand, Simon looked down from the tower, saw the little cars and trucks moving along the Gardiner Expressway, and said "Vroom!" with great enthusiasm. He seemed to appreciate the grandeur of the view, and pick out significant details, even better than Nicholas did. But then, he was born noticin', as Lord Peter* would say...
*At least I think it was LPW, though I can't find the quote anywhere on the net to check. "Born noticin', improved by practice" is the comment I'm thinking of: if I'm wrong about the source, I'm sure one of my readers will correct me.
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