R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

It's my fifth wedding anniversary. Wow. And also six years to the day when Hubby and I finally figured out our romantic interest was mutual and officially became An Item (I didn't plan our wedding to fall on the same date, it just happened).

The funny thing is, though, I didn't write the date down on the calendar this year because I was sure I'd remember. And then I forgot it completely until two days ago, when we were all sitting on the couch after dinner and I suddenly smacked my forehead and said, "Our anniversary is in two days!"

"It can't be," said Hubby. "It was the 28th, not the 26th."

"No, it was the 26th."

"No, it wasn't, because the 26th is the same day of the month as my birthday and I know I'd have remembered that."

So then I couldn't remember either, and I actually had to pull out one of our old wedding invitations to be sure. Fortunately (because it would have been way too embarrassing if I, the wife and The One Who Is Supposed To Remember These Things, had got the date wrong), it really was the 26th.

As you've probably guessed, we're not exactly Special Occasion People around here. But we are hoping to go out to dinner tomorrow night (sans kids) if all goes well, so we're not completely clueless.
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