R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

Since I got such great, helpful comments last time when I mentioned our ongoing quest for a digital camera, I figured I might as well try again. I'm getting really tired of the mouse when it comes to trying to get fine detail and precise lines for both my freelance graphic art work, and the sketches I like to do in my spare time. So I'm thinking seriously about getting a graphics tablet, and I've been looking at the Wacom Graphire II since it seems to be fairly cheap but the maker has a good reputation. Anyone out there have one of these, or can otherwise comment on it?

Also, apparently this thing comes with a cordless mouse in addition to the pen and tablet, but by all accounts the mouse is pretty useless and no sane person would be buying this package for the mouse anyway. So I'm wondering if I can have both the graphics tablet and my original (corded) mouse hooked up at the same time, and just switch back and forth when I feel like it -- or whether I'd have to go through the process of unhooking one, hooking up the other, and rebooting every time I want to do something different. Does anybody know?
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