R.J. Anderson (rj_anderson) wrote,
R.J. Anderson

These Little Ones

I just got a phone call from my father, who lives downstairs. He'd been watching through a crack in the door as my two boys, aged six and four, sat down to eat their "picnic" of sandwiches and iced tea in the shade of our shared garage.

Apparently, with neither myself nor my husband in sight, and no idea that they were being watched, my oldest boy put out his hand to take the younger one's, and they bowed their heads and gave thanks for the food before starting in.

Sometimes I've wondered whether the things we do and say in our home to try and teach our children about God -- the simple prayers before meals and bedtime, the daily reading of a Bible passage with just a couple of easy questions for the kids afterward -- are really having any effect.

I guess I have my answer.

*gropes blindly about for some Kleenex*
Tags: family
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