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Friday Wordcount

Finished Chapter Two! And did some more revisions, all of which added up to:

753 words.

However, my agent and editor have both suggested that I might be wiser to set Wayfarer aside for the moment, in case the editorial changes to Knife end up affecting my vision for the second book. And after thinking it over, I believe they're right. The chapters I've written so far shouldn't be in any great danger, but if I keep going I could very well end up with a problem further down the road.

So it looks like I'll be going back to work on Touching Indigo, and I won't have to worry that I'm being short-sighted or irresponsible in doing so. Yay!

Of course, I was just starting to get a feel for Timothy's character, and to be genuinely excited about telling his story. Isn't that always the way? But I don't think it's a bad thing to let Wayfarer ferment a bit more before I get back to it. I think revising Knife will probably give me some good ideas for the sequel as well... and I am still excited about Indigo, so it shouldn't be too hard to make the switch.
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