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Wednesday Wordcount

Much better today! I am relieved.

1,046 words.

What's really helping me make the most of my opportunities to write is a little freeware program called Temptation Blocker, which allows me to block all access to certain programs for a specified period of time. So I've set it to block my web browser, e-mail, internet messaging and offline LJ editor, and as soon as the kids are in bed, I set the timer for an hour and a half or two hours and start writing. Thanks to Temptation Blocker I can't access the Internet during that time without typing in a very long and awkward string of characters first, so that helps me keep my nose to the grindstone until I've got at least a couple of hundred words done.

It's sad that I need this kind of thing to keep me on track, but such is the seductive power of teh intarwebs.
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