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Tuesday Wordcount

cesario saved my life last night, by suggesting that Chapter Three would read better if I put the scenes in a different order. Seriously, how did writers cope before the Internet? Thanks to her wisdom, I spent most of my time today editing and rearranging rather than writing a lot of new material, but at least now I feel happy about moving forward. So today's count is:

490 words.

Now if only I could get my toddler to keep taking his afternoon nap. I very much fear he's going to be like his oldest brother, and quit naps cold turkey before he's even two -- which wouldn't be that big a deal really, except that it will cut my daily writing time in half. Nooooooo--!

In other writing-related news, I've been asked to participate on a panel discussion at a local book festival, about writing for young adults in the age of the Internet, or something of that sort. So! Excited! I get to pretend I'm a Real Author and everything!

Oh, wait. I AM a Real Author. Ha ha! *cavorts*

Sorry. But I don't think that is ever going to get old.

BTW, I don't think I ever mentioned where my husband and I went for our celebratory dinner. In case I'd ever been tempted to doubt my husband's utter awesomeness, I told him to surprise me and he promptly went out and made reservations at our local Indian restaurant. Those who were listening to me whine on IM about how much I wanted Indian food, but how my husband didn't really enjoy it so I felt it wouldn't be fair to ask him, will appreciate the magnitude of this gift.
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