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Who Finale Predictions

I am now all out of spoilers, so these are based on nothing but speculation and gut instinct. However, I feel confident that in the last two episodes of S3 we will see at least one, probably more, of the following:

1. The Master will try to win Martha away from the Doctor, using all the resources of charm and/or mind control at his disposal. He will not, of course, succeed.

2. Martha will die heroically saving the world, just long enough for the Doctor to
a) scream "NOOOOOOOO!!!";
b) carry her lifeless body in his arms, much as he carried her through the hospital in 1x03;
c) realize that he loves her (albeit leaving the exact interpretation of said "love" up in the air);
d) become very, very angry and do something ruthless to defeat the Master.

After which

3. Jack will lose his immortality, or rather give it up so Martha can live

4. The Doctor will kiss Martha to complete the process of reviving her (exact interpretation of said kiss again left up to the individual)

5. The Master will appear to be utterly defeated, but we will get some clever hint that he may have escaped after all


How likely do you think it is that I've got at least three of the above right? I'm thinking the odds are pretty good.

Now it's your turn. What are your predictions?
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