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DOCTOR WHO: "Utopia"

The really sad thing about "Utopia" is that I would have enjoyed it so much more if I hadn't seen what was coming six weeks ago.

You see, as soon as I heard that Derek Jacobi would be appearing in one of the final episodes as a character identified only as "the Professor", I thought to myself, "Time Lord. Probably the Master in disguise." Because, after all, Derek Jacobi had voiced the Master in the Shalka webisode, so it was a natural connection. And then I heard the rumour that John Simm was going to be playing the Master in one of the final episodes too, and I thought, "Ah, so he regenerates."

So as soon as we were introduced to Professor Yana, my question was not, "Is he a Time Lord?" but "Why doesn't he remember being a Time Lord?" to which the answer was obvious given what we'd just seen in "Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood"... and therefore enabled me to anticipate pretty much the whole rest of the plot about twenty minutes in.

I think I would have seen it coming even without the rumors, though. Right from the beginning of new Who, I'd been sure that the Master would return eventually; the only question was how many seasons it would take before they broke down and reintroduced him. And knowing RTD, I didn't think it would take very long. Anybody camp enough to want the Daleks and the Cybermen in the same episode is surely not going to balk at bringing back the Master. Plus, falling anvils with the Face of Boe's last words etc.

Which is not to say, I hasten to add, that I didn't enjoy this episode, because I did. The feral humans (oh, sorry, they're NOT humans, not that you could really tell the difference aside from the teeth) were pretty weak, but I liked Chan Tho with her internal milk (heh) and her alien speech habits. Martha was splendid as usual, if only she would stop angsting about the Supposedly Unrequited Love of Doom and just get on with being splendid. Jack was... well, I could write a long post about how Jack is even more RTD's Mary Sue than Rose is, especially now that he's immortal, but I'll settle for rolling my eyes and moving on. Derek Jacobi is, of course, Derek Jacobi. And I have never seen John Simm before but he looks smashing in puffy sleeves and he skips beautifully, so I give him the thumbs up.

And now that I've got past the part where I wasn't surprised, I can look forward to the part where I am. As in, how are the Doctor & Co. going to get out of this one?
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