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Because she is faboo / I call her my sweet babboo...

Erm, or something like that.

The point is, yahtzee63 is having a birthday today, and she is a splendid person and an amazing writer, as well as an insightful critic whose advice has helped me enormously. I wish her a year full of health, success, snoring pugs, and all the other fine things in life. I also bring a gift, in the form of a link to the best crossover vid I've ever seen, featuring one of her favorite characters and one of mine:

(With a link for anybody who has trouble with the embedding: By the Way)

And while I'm linking to Di's vids, I should mention that she's also made a heartbreaking Remus Lupin piece, including some non-HP footage which works beautifully in the context; and on the happier side of the equation she's responsible for one of my favorite House videos ever, Get The Cool.

But back to the main point: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, yahtzee63! And I use my Jack Bristow icon in your honor.
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