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Feels like my head's 'bout to 'splode

So, my list of accomplishments for today:

1. Finished off my complete plot outline for Wayfarer and sent off to my agent, who liked it very much and didn't think it needed any changes, hurrah!

2. Read Infernal Devices, which left me going "AAAAAAA NEED NEXT BOOK NOW" and, of course, I don't have it yet.

3. Read Fugitives of Chaos, which left me in precisely the same position, only more so because the cliffhanger on that one is even worse. However, and I say this with all due respect to johncwright, his fetishes are showing and it's creeping me out, seriously. Not that this will keep me from reading Book III, but it will make me grimace and roll my eyes a lot. And it will remind me why I enjoy YA fantasy so much more than supposedly "adult" fantasy these days -- not least because it has a tendency to weed out these kinds of excesses.

On the to-read pile:

1. A children's biography of Michael Faraday (I couldn't find a "grown-up" one), which I'm two-thirds finished and which has made me more his fangirl than ever;

2. Robin McKinley's Sunshine, which I am reading because, well, it's McKinley -- although I am really not into vampires (they don't scare me, they don't fascinate me, on the whole they simply bore me), so my enthusiasm is somewhat diluted;

3. #8, 9 and 10 of the Lemony Snicket series, which I am reading out of an obscure sense of duty and the belief that the narrative has to pay off eventually.

But tomorrow will be absurdly busy, since we are having a joint birthday party for my two oldest sons, and they've each invited three friends, so I doubt I'll get much of anything else done.
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