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Oh, so THAT'S why she puts up with him

Oh Doctor Who, you so crazy and I love you. I'm just sad we didn't get to see these moments on screen.

I really wonder what percentage of the viewing audience is going to read that post, though. If you use it as the context for Human Nature it seems to solve quite a few problems (indeed, I am cynical enough to wonder whether it was written in response to some of the reviews that have gone up on the web since Saturday) but it seems a little much to expect of the viewing audience as a whole.

On the other hand, this is Doctor Who we're talking about. Anybody who's enough of an anorak to be angsting over these kinds of plot and characterization details is enough of an anorak to be checking Martha's myspace on a regular basis as well.

Which reminds me, time to sign up to the martha_j feed. Thanks to thewhiteowl for bringing it to my attention.
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