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Did I mention I was still watching this? Well, I am... but when I read that they're going for three more seasons, I confess that my heart sank. I was hoping next year would be the last. I'm not sure I'm going to make it until the end, at this rate.

That being said: Locke is crazy and I don't love him nearly as much as I used to, but the Locke/Danielle scene in the Black Rock made my OTP heart very happy. It's the little things. I did think that the Others were going to gather around and welcome him when he didn't kill his Dad, though... and then I was disappointed when it turned out they really did want him to do it, and even more disappointed to find out that he got James to do the dirty deed for him. However, give Josh Holloway the Emmy, already.

Also, have I mentioned that I love Juliet and that she makes Jack about 100x more interesting than he ever was to me before? I mean, not just that Elizabeth Mitchell is a splendid actress and unlike Evangeline Lilly and Yunjin Kim does NOT make me want to tie her to a chair and force-feed her hamburgers, I'm actually more interested in Jack/Juliet at the moment than in Kate/Sawyer. Though Desmond/Penny is still #1 with me. So happy to see Desmond sticking around week after week, even if it does lend itself to inappropriate Gospel of John visual in-jokes (or was I the only one who noticed that, when Desmond was striding purposefully across the sand with his "disciples" Jin, Hurley and Charley just behind him?).

MARK GATISS DOES NOT LOOK THAT MUCH LIKE PETER DAVISON, PEOPLE. At least not enough to satisfy this Davison fan. Though I can't deny the thought did cross my mind when I saw the floppy blond hair and indecisive chin.

BTW, I really need to get a sofa to hide behind when I watch this show. Maybe I'm a wimp, but that was SCARY. There is no WAY I am letting my kids watch that episode until they're well into double digits.

I love Martha. I love love love love love her. And she has great shoes. And all the other good stuff that could be said about this episode has been said before and better by other people, but... yeah. Love. Her.

And I must say that DT is absolutely at the top of his game this season playing the Doctor, compared to last season when it seemed his opportunities to be truly Doctorish came few and far between.

Another solid episode -- did I mention how much I loved last week's, apart from the gratuitous Niki exposure? And how disappointed I was that they cut away from the Ultimate Sylar Vs. Dark Peter Deathmatch? No? Well, I did and I was. But anyway, on to this week, and of course I am going to start with the really important stuff:

I just don't believe that Peter and Claire are uncle and niece. It's not that I don't want to believe it, it's that I don't believe it. I might have been able to believe it if MV and HP had played their scenes differently, but right now the big message I'm getting is that THE PETRELLI FAMILY NEEDS SOME SERIOUS COUNSELLING, FOLKS. Also, have I mentioned that I don't believe it? Peter and Nathan are half-brothers at best, is my guess.

Yay, Mohinder has a brain for more than one week in a row! Although, as yahtzee63 has remarked, apparently his blood is magickal and contains rainbows and moonbeams and unicorns and puppies or something, with all the instant Molly-curing properties it has.

ClaireBear and HRG reunion = thundering truckloads of AWWWW. Given the choice between HRG and Nathan for Daddy of the Year, I'm afraid it's pretty much no contest.

Is it wrong of me to keep wanting Matt to lighten up? I mean, it's great to see Greg Grunberg sink his teeth into a dramatic role and he's looking better every week, but I miss Weiss.

There should be a law passed to prevent Zach Quinto from wearing glasses. Especially the freaky watchmaker ones. *shudder*

I could say more, but I must go to bed.
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