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Note to Self, and a nod to Poetry Month

Contentment is the understanding that if I am not satisfied with what I have,
I will never be satisfied with what I want.

I want to feel happy and confident about my writing. I want to find an agent who is excited about my work. I want to see my books in print. But even without any of those things, I have a God who is faithful, and there is no excuse whatsoever for me not to be content.

Thou mastering me
God! giver of breath and bread;
World's strand, sway of the sea;
Lord of living and dead;
Thou hast bound bones and veins in me, fastened
me flesh,
And after it almost unmade, what with dread,
Thy doing: and dost thou touch me afresh?
Over again I feel thy finger and find thee.

-- From "The Wreck of the Deutschland" by Gerard Manley Hopkins

*goes back to revising the opening pages of Indigo, just in case*
Tags: christianity, poetry, reassurance, writing
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