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Not dead, truly...

I'm not dead, truly... just doggedly writing 2000 words a day, every day, and using what little time I have left to catch up on what other people are saying in their journals -- which leaves me precious little time to post anything new to my own. Would you prefer I ignored you lovely people in order to grace you with my dubious wit? I thought not. :)

Anyway, Touching Indigo is progressing quite well so far -- in just ten days of writing I've managed to crank out 22,000 words. I have yet to diverge in any dramatic way from the outline, but I've still surprised myself a few times, which is gratifying -- it bodes well for me being able to get through the whole story without boring myself to death. In the past, the fear of losing interest in the story was always my chief excuse for not outlining. So that seems to indicate that answer to my original question, "Can a Pantser become a Plotter?" is a yes... but I'll have to reserve final judgment for the revision stage.

It sucks how much research I have to do for this story, though. In one sense it's fascinating, but on the other hand it leaves me petrified about the ever-increasing chances of getting something wrong. It would take me years to become an expert in any of the relevant areas, so my best hope at present is to finish the book and then find a criminal lawyer, a neurologist, a policeman, and someone who's worked at a psychiatric hospital to read it and tell me where I've screwed up. Oh, and an astrophysicist and a synaesthete, but thankfully I already have both of those (*bows gratefully to Doug and Erin*).

Tomorrow I'll be sending my one-paragraph hook for Indigo to the fangs_fur_fey contest -- I've made a few modifications since I posted it here, and I dare to hope they are all for the better. But I guess I'll find out on the 23rd whether I'm right.

Still no news from Boss of Editor, or from Agent. Alas.
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