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HOUSE: "Top Secret"

Well, wow. Thanks, Thomas L. Moran, whoever you are. I never realized that I could hate everybody on this show except Foreman, Cuddy, and Chase. But you made it look so easy.

Seriously, I was really trying to give S3 a chance, despite the inconsistencies. But I think this ep hit a new low. Does anybody know what happened to S1 and S2 Cameron's heart? Because I think S3 Cameron needs it. If only I could be sure she's actually the same person, that is. I don't think I've ever seen a show make it more obvious that Cameron no longer has any set characteristics whatsoever and simply changes every week to serve the plot.

Dear Chase: I feel sorry for you, sweetie, I really do. But pity just isn't enough, you know?

Oh, and for the record, I no longer have any particular loyalty to House/Cameron (I'm starting to lean House/Cuddy, if House isn't being a totally unlikeable jerk and Cuddy isn't acting like his mother) and I have nothing against Chase/Cameron if there were any possibility of it becoming real instead of a pathetic farce. Right now, though, I'm feeling pretty anti-shipping all around.


I hope tightropegirl's episode can pull this show out of the fire, but it looks like that one's a few weeks away. Will I still be there by the time it airs? Stay tuned!
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