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Doctor Who S3 Blather

GENETIC TRANSFER HA HA HA HA. And so, they get the big "will the Doctor and Martha ever kiss" over with in what, the first ten minutes? I am most amused.

Also, Martha telling the Doctor she's not going to call him "the Doctor" because as far as she's concerned he's got to earn that title? AWESOME. I love her already.

I think this year I am just going to watch the episodes this season and enjoy them as they come out, while totally ignoring

a) anything RTD says about the future of the show, his own brilliance, and the exact nature of the Doctor-Martha relationship;

b) all the inevitable fan-blather about whether this week's ep was better than last week's (or last season's) and whether some line the Doctor tossed off over his shoulder in a crisis means that Martha is Better Than Rose or that Gallifrey still exists in a pocket universe or that his brown suit got shrunk at the cleaner's, or some combination of all three;

and I will be much happier and more productive in the end, I am sure.

And now back to Day #1 of the Great Fast Draft Experiment, in which I have so far only managed to write 1,000 words in an hour instead of the 2,000 I was hoping for, and now have to catch up like whoa if I'm to make my quota.
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