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Changes and Arrivals

March Break is turning out to be a remarkably unproductive week for me writing-wise, but I've got quite a bit of household and family stuff done. Last night we painted the walls of our dining room a rather fetching new shade:

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Look closely. Can you see something -- or someone -- hidden in the picture? Here she is close up, no doubt wondering how she ended up perching in such a strange plant:

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And finally, here she is again, in her proper place of honor on my Bookshelf of Fannish Delights. She does indeed look comfortable -- and now she can glare at me from a suitably high position if she feels I am not doing her justice.

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Thank you so much, cesario!

P.S. Yes, I know that bookshelf is scary. Nevertheless, only two of the volumes it contains are not mine. Guess which?
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