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A few months ago, baby Paul dropped my oldest son Nicholas's (old, inactive, but still good for playing games) cell phone in the toilet, where it sat submerged for at least a minute before I discovered it and fished it out. We had little hope of its recovery, especially after all the initial tests failed --but after a few weeks had gone by, Nicholas tried it on a whim and amazingly, it worked.

Today I was pulling wet clothes out of the washer after a load and what do I find in the very back of the machine? Nicholas's cell phone.

I strongly suspect it is not going to recover this time (especially after going through the spin cycle, which in a front-loader is about the equivalent of an F5 tornado), but if I'm wrong I'll be sure to give you all the name of the manufacturer so you can go out and buy a own submergible, washable, indestructible cell phone of your very own.


Also, a brief comment on this week's Lost: Yawn, and ew. Truly, if I never see Bai Ling -- any of her -- again in my lifetime, that would be just fine. Also, I don't care about Jack's tattoos, and I didn't feel that I learned anything even remotely interesting or sympathetic about him this week. My husband mused after watching the episode that "Jack is coming across as a bit of a psycho, isn't he?" and I said, "You're only noticing that now?"

On the plus side, Jack and Juliet do have chemistry -- a lot more than Jack and Kate ever did -- and I like Juliet a lot. I just wish we'd seen more of that story and less of Bai Ling.

It's too bad that the present-day plot movement and character development continue to suffer while we sit through redundant and pointless flashbacks (last week's fab Desmond episode being one of the rare exceptions to that rule). I loved the flashbacks in the beginning, but right now Lost seems to be staggering under the weight of its own formula. Alas.
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