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My New Wacky Heroes Theory, With 100% Less Mr. Muggles!

I just thought of something in regard to Peter. Seems some folks are worried that he's become, or at least is in the process of becoming, far too powerful, with apparently unlimited access to the powers of every other "hero" he meets (if he can learn to control it, anyway).

But when Peter met Future!Hiro on the subway, way back when, Hiro said he hardly recognized Peter without his scar.

If Peter's going to be getting a scar -- especially one so significant that it changes his appearance -- then clearly a time is coming when he no longer has access to Claire's powers of regeneration. Either his ability to channel the powers of other heroes expires after a time, and it's just his misfortune to have not seen Claire recently, or --

-- or else something major happens to change, limit, or even destroy Peter's ability to absorb and use powers.

I wonder if we're going to see an arc where Peter becomes the most powerful hero ever for a while, only to end up completely powerless. If so, I foresee much emo.

Here's another thought. Does Hiro, with his newly obtained sword, end up giving Peter that scar? All in the cause of good, of course. But in all Peter's visions of going supernova and blowing up New York, he's seen Matt, Nathan, Claire, the Saunders family, Simone, Claude and others... but never, IIRC, Hiro. Could that be because Hiro is behind him?

My brain is all hurty now.
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