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I've just seen this week's Heroes...

...but I cannot post a coherent review, because I am dead of the awesome.

Seriously, that was so amazing it might just be the best episode yet. Mind you, it wasn't perfect: I found the bits with Moyawnder and Sylar to be a little too predictable. (And wah, because I really liked Dale, and was hoping that she and her supa!hearing would give Sylar a good fight, as promised.) Also, sad as it makes me to say it, I was not really interested in Hiro and Ando this week, and I don't quite buy into Hiro all of a sudden deciding to go the lone wolf route.

But! But! BUT!!! Hana a.k.a. "Wireless" rocks my socks, and I love the idea of an increasingly desperate Matt getting sucked into helping her and Nuclear Ted go after HRG. The plotline with Claire and Mrs. Bennet and HRG was fantastic, emotionally charged stuff -- I fear that HRG is not long for this world, but I'd be glad to be proven wrong about that.

The absolute best thing in the show, though, was Dark!Peter. I could watch Claude and Peter fight and yell at each other all day, but when Peter used TK and then flew and and and -- seriously, my little fangirl heart just went splodey. And then the fight! with! Isaac! even though I totally saw the Simone thing coming. Oh, Dark!Peter, how you have become exponentially more interesting than the slightly whiny floppy-haired empath of the opening episodes. Also, GUH.

I think the measure of a really good episode is that as soon as you're finished you want to watch it again, and that's just how I feel about this one.
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