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Okay, maybe I am giving myself too much credit here, because I have not actually checked any Heroes fan forums other than the TWoP one to be certain. But to the best of my knowledge, I was the first (and so far in my awareness the only) person to seriously suggest that Mr. Muggles is a) a shape-shifter and/or b) Linderman. I made this suggestion in the Sidekicks thread on TWoP on February 1st, as you can see right here.

Now look at this, from a February 16th, 2007 IGN interview with Jack Coleman who plays Mr. Bennet a.k.a. HRG:
Question: I think the funniest fan speculation I've seen is that Mr. Muggles is going to turn out to be a shape shifter or something.

Coleman: I did read that Mr. Muggles was Linderman which I can tell you he's not. I'm going to put the kibosh on that rumor right now. Mr. Muggles is not Linderman... Mr. Muggles is Sylar. [Laughs]

Admittedly, after seeing this past week's episode I'd already pretty much dropped my theory about Mr. Muggles being anything special. But to have come up with a theory so wacky that it actually made it to the attention of TPTB is a nice little propeller in my fandom beanie, I must say. If it's true.

*waits for someone to come along with a link to a post suggesting the same theory that predates my comment on TWoP, and therefore proves that I am not special after all*
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