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Various Kinds of No Fun

Since mid-January I have had two major illnesses -- one 24-hour bout that left me weak for days afterward, followed closely by the Flu O'Doom, which I am just now getting over two weeks later. I am tired of being tired, and sick of being sick, and generally ready to stop coughing now, thanks. And unsurprisingly, all this has put a crimp in my First Draft in 30 Days plans, leaving me stuck somewhere in the middle of Days 7-13 (Research).

I must confess, too, that this is one of my least favorite phases of Wiesner's outlining process. There are things in this section which bore me to fiery tears -- fact sheets ("there are twelve patrol officers in the precinct") and timelines and such. She also suggests making a list of your various characters' dialogue quirks, which is giving me flashbacks to Redwall with all the accents spelled out phonetically (noooooo), or Fflewddur Fflam saying "Great Belin!" every six paragraphs throughout the entire Chronicles of Prydain.

So I am cheating on Wiesner with Randy Ingermanson at the moment, and trying to decide which method I really want to go steady with. But since I haven't actually done anything new for about two and a half weeks, I should probably, y'know, make some forward progress first.

There is an outstanding problem with Indigo, however. It involves an Evil Conspiracy on the part of all my characters to drive me insane. Like this:

Cori: How many times have I told you, my name isn't Corilynne at all. It's Victoria, Tori for short. You've known that for weeks. Why are you fighting it?
Me: Your name can't be Tori because it's got four letters and starts with a T. It's too much like Thea.
Cori: So change Thea's name instead.
Me: I'm not changing my heroine's name, which she's had for ten years, for the sake of an upstart two-month-old. You are a pernicious Mary Sue, and I killed you off in the opening hook to the sound of universal applause. You have no power over me.
Tori: You know I'm more than that. And you know I always get my way.
Thea: *raises hand* You know, I really don't mind changing my name. In all honesty, I don't feel much like a Thea any more. I'm younger, and I've got my own personality and my own set of problems. I feel like I might be Alison instead.
Me: But everybody begged me not to change your name! And I like Thea!
Thea: I know. But if my name isn't Aletheia, then my father doesn't have to be a Classics professor, and you don't have to do as much research to make him seem authentic.
Me: Stop. Tempting. Me.
Faraday: While Alison's on the subject, perhaps I should mention that I'm not exactly the same character you started with, either. Among other things, I think I prefer to be called "Sebastian" instead of "Dr. Faraday".
Me: Have I mentioned that "Alison" and "Sebastian" both end with the letter "n"?
Tori: Stop being so anal. Nobody's going to care about that.
Alison: I certainly don't.
Sebastian: And don't forget that calling her "Alison" gets rid of your "Thea with synaesthesia" problem.
Tori: See? I told you I was going to win.
Me: I hate you all.

However, my new objective is to take a page from novel_in_90 and churn out 750 words of something every day, whether it's plot notes or character interviews or (gasp!) actual writing. So I think I'll go and do that now.
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