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Two Days, Two Shows (spoilers)

yahtzee63 remarked after seeing this week's Heroes ("Distractions") that "maybe I could love Hiro more if he actually crawled out of the TV screen and gave me money. That's about the only way." This is inarguably true.

After watching the same episode myself, I must add that by far my favorite pairings on this show (and I mean that in the non-romantic way, but I also mean that they are my favorite pairings even including the romantic ones) are Nathan and Hiro on the one hand ("WOOSH!" "Will you keep it down?" "...woosh.") and Claude and Peter on the other ("Well, it's a start."). I mean, I adore Peter, but I laughed out loud with sheer delight at Claude's unorthodox teaching methods, up to and including the punch in the face.

On the other hand, Peter/Claire is no more. *mourns* And yes, I know they could always pull out the "But wait! Peter (or Nathan) was adopted!" card, but I really can't see it. The casting of the Petrelli family is just too good -- they really do physically resemble each other. Unlike Claire and the Bennets.

Moving on to the new House ("Needle in a Haystack"), which I've also just seen -- definitely enjoyed this episode much more than last week's. Nice to see another Foreman-centric episode, loved Hugh Laurie showing off his wicked awesome forearms in the wheelchair, and I was much amused to discover that the POTW looked uncannily like a young Snape. Surprising medical twist, too. Two thumbs up.
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