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Never turn your back on a Pomeranian

Want to hear my cracked-out Heroes theory?

Mr. Muggles is a shapeshifter. And Mrs. Bennet is working for him. In fact, he may even be the mysterious Mr. Linderman.

Seriously, I want to map Mr. Muggles' known movements with the little we know of Linderman. Doesn't it seem odd that Mrs. Bennet is always taking her dog somewhere, and the show keeps drawing our attention to this fact? And isn't it a little bit odd that they made a big deal of Mr. Muggles being in the room when Claire and Zach were going through the computer files, and Claire even made a joke about him being the only one who knew what they were doing?

Even if I'm wrong about the Linderman part, there is definitely more to Mr. Muggles and Mrs. Bennet than meets the eye. Mark my words.

In other news: spent two hours lying in bed. Couldn't sleep. Still feel like crud. Going to have a shower now.
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