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Well, that was surreal...

So this afternoon I decided more or less randomly to go to our piddly little small-town mall and get a new antenna for my oldest son's CD player, and as I pushed Paul's stroller through the door I saw a young man standing there holding a baby. Our eyes met and I smiled, as I usually do when I meet another parent, and then I kept walking, thinking idly to myself that his face looked kind of familiar. Thirty seconds later, it finally registers...

Dude. That was Shane Wiebe.

I turned back, tempted to go take a second look at his daughter and congratulate him if nothing else, but then I saw that he was heading out the door, so I didn't bother.

I know his wife has family in this area, but he lives waaaaaaaay out on the West Coast, and it's well past Christmas holidays. Talk about unexpected meetings...
Tags: canadian idol, music, shane wiebe
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