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First Draft in 30 Days - Day 1 & Time Mapping - Day 2

Touching Indigo has won for Book I'm Going To Outline First, by virtue of taking up residence in my head over the past few days and flatly refusing to leave. I've got a folder for Wayfarer set aside so I can jot down any ideas that occur to me, though. No thought shall be wasted!

Completed the outline for Thea, and in the process learned all sorts of things about her background and personality I hadn't known before. Still working on the outline for Leith -- a great deal of his past is still unknown to me, but it's becoming clearer. They're already stepping away from the earlier incarnations of themselves -- not so far away as to become unrecognizable, but certainly far enough to become distinct.

I'm also going to do brief sketches of whatever secondary and tertiary characters I can think of -- though most of them are still blank spaces in my mind, including the antagonist/villain. But I'm brainstorming constantly, and taking notes in longhand whenever I get an especially good idea.

Another thing I did today was go back through early drafts of Indigo etc. and highlight all the Good Bits -- vivid imagery, strong metaphors and similes, clever turns of phrase. There were a lot more of them than I expected, which was gratifying and depressing at the same time. Is it possible that over the past ten years my prose has actually got worse rather than better? *cries emo tears*

Stuck to my Time Map -- mostly -- for the second day in a row, and found that I felt much better about, well, everything. Telling myself that I am not allowed to play on the computer except during the baby's naptime and after the kids have gone to bed enabled me to get through the day without feeling frustrated and divided in spirit. Any time I had a brilliant creative idea, I just jotted it down in longhand and stuffed it into the relevant story folder, and when I had a few extra moments, I used them to do non-computer things related to the book (like the aforementioned re-reading and highlighting). And now I am doing my online stuff with a clear conscience...

...except for the little nagging voice telling me that I need to finish those character outlines, and why am I writing an LJ entry instead, hm?

Ahem. See you all later.
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