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Look, I found the video that goes with my icon!


What kind of writer are you?

You're a Narrative writer!
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And this one was especially fun:

I escaped from the Dungeon of Synaesthete7!

I killed Malabud the fire elemental, Kateorman the kobold, Stmarysalice the goblin, Izhilzha the fire elemental, Bittervillager the floating eye and Plums Roasting the rat.

I looted the Dagger of Fantasy, the Sword of Jemimap, the Wand of Jblum, the Sword of Pamcrouch, the Sceptre of Mystery, the Armour of Crowded House and 188 gold pieces.

Score: 213

Explore the Dungeon of Synaesthete7 and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

Also, in regard to the person who gets a reprieve? You know who I'm hoping it is. Except I think it's probably Lupin or something instead. Sigh.
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