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Be it known that as of this evening, I'm going on a fannish sabbatical of sorts. I hesitate to call it "gafiating", but it has something of that flavour, I suppose: I've decided to cut back drastically on my fandom participation in the interests of getting my priorities in order. Spending more time with family, trying to get back into a consistent habit of prayer and Bible study (something which has gone all to pieces over the last few years since I had kids), hammering out another draft of my original novel... that kind of thing.

I'm not defriending anybody, but for the next few weeks I won't be reading or participating in forums or communities, and I may not be able to keep up with everything that's happening on my f-list. So if you'd really like my comments or input on something, you might want to drop me an e-mail or try and catch me on IM.

Don't worry, though, I'm not planning to disappear entirely. I'll still be posting, here and on rjanderson_blog, and I'll be on IM -- possibly even more than I have been for the last little while, since Actually Talking To People In Real Time is one of the things I'd like to do more of. I just thought it only fair to let you know that if you're holding your breath waiting for another Snape essay, or the sequel to "Galatea", or more of my scintillating (ha) Doctor Who reviews, you should probably relax before you turn blue and explode.

Okay? Okay.

Coming soon to rjanderson_blog: A review of jamesbow's just-published YA fantasy novel The Unwritten Girl.

P.S. Just to make sure people don't get worried, this isn't a flounce or anything. Fandom has done me no wrong, and I'm not mad at anyone in it. It's just all shiny and distracting, and I need to knuckle down and concentrate on other things for a bit, is all.
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