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DOCTOR WHO: "Age of Steel"

Well, that was all right. Better than the first half, anyway.

Like half the world I saw the whole "Ricky gets killed so Mickey takes his place" thing coming three million miles away, but still found it rather touching. Mickey was the only character who really resonated emotionally for me this episode, actually -- well, of the regulars anyway. The Doctor somehow failed to captivate me as he usually does -- Tennant seemed to be phoning in his performance at high volume from a long distance away. And Rose whatever.

Of the non-regulars, I liked Mrs. Moore a lot (also foresaw her death, but not exactly how and when it happened -- that scene made both my husband and I jump), and I liked Alt-Pete the intrepid double agent guy. I especially liked how he didn't go all mushy when he found out Rose was his daughter, but freaked out and ran away. Good on the writer to subvert the emotional cliches in the script, even if he couldn't subvert any of the plot ones.

The scene with Sally the Cyber-bride was really tragic, and creepy, and effective in a way that so much else of the story wasn't. One too many scenes of the Cyber-army going BANG! BANG! BANG! down the street, methinks. Not exactly built for stealth, were they?

Anyway, like I said, I thought it was better than last week, but this story isn't going to be anywhere near my Top Ten, to be sure. Too much sound and fury, not enough soul, and some really lame acting (or in the case of Lumic, overacting) from certain crucial members of the supporting cast.

And it started out so promisingly, what with the alternate universes and the zeppelins and the TARDIS dying and all...

Oh, well, we'll always have Paris next week.
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