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HOUSE: "Forever"

Dear House writers:


*sobs brokenly into 1,786th tissue*

Seriously, that hit way too close to home for me -- as the mother of a young son, who found herself sick in hospital early in the baby's life and feared I would have to stop nursing (and they did mention the nursing, curse them, they had to bring that in just as I'd finished telling myself the baby was probably on formula since birth anyway); who's experienced post-partum depression with its burden of guilt, shame, fear and terrible lonely helplessness; who spent years suffering from undiagnosed and untreated intestinal pain on a daily basis; and a few other parallels besides. I felt Kara's pain in this episode, I found her response to hearing about her baby's death -- not just the hysterical sobbing, all of it -- excruciatingly real. I thought it couldn't get any worse than House doing the autopsy on the Chen-Lupino baby in S1, but when Chase unwrapped that exquisite little corpse and prayed -- I just lost it.

There wasn't much joy on other fronts either. House was as close to unsympathetic as we've ever seen him; Cameron still feisty, but unhappily and incredulously so; Cuddy just lonely and sad; and Chase... I am really wanting some more of that backstory now. Was all of that really just about the money? And if so, where is all that cash going? Is he being blackmailed? Does he have a secret family to support? As for Foreman, the less said the better -- that final confrontation between him and House was just painful.

Conclusion: Quality-wise, in terms of the writing, the acting, the cinematography, it was excellent. And I never, ever want to see it again.
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