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House Blathering Redux

Things I forgot to mention about "House vs. God" last night, because I was too busy capering about the room over the Cameron=Wilson thing:

  • Cameron PWNED Foreman and it was both satisfying, eminently logical, and richly deserved.
  • Cuddy is getting better-dressed and more attractive every episode. Considering some of the truly awful outfits she was wearing in S1, this is a great relief.
  • Wilson's McGill sweatshirt? Is Canadian love. What's the story behind that one? Also, I don't normally find RSL particularly attractive (or unattractive either -- he's just sort of there) but he was rocking the casual wear last night.
  • I think I said this before, but this was a really good episode for Chase. I enjoyed him freaking out in the apartment over the possibility of being caught -- that's something we haven't seen before and it was a nice twist.
  • Loved House's jazzed-up rendition of "What A Friend We Have In Jesus". Irony ho!
  • William Katt! Yay! I adored The Greatest American Hero when I was a kid, so it was fun to see him again after all these years. And while I'm not particularly keen on charismatic doctrine and don't believe in "faith healers" as such, I appreciated the way this episode handled the spiritual issues. Especially Wilson's last line about how people don't always live up to what they believe.

    Did you know that the writer of this episode is on LJ? She doesn't post often, but you can find her at tightropegirl. She writes for Lost and other shows on occasion, too.
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