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DOCTOR WHO: "Tooth and Claw"

I've just watched "Tooth and Claw" and how totally awesome was that? As usual with an RTD script, it had plot holes galore, but I enjoyed it a great deal more than "New Earth". I adored the Doctor's "fake" accent -- what a pity David Tennant isn't being allowed to speak in his normal Scots brogue all the time. The dialogue sparkled, except for the occasional clunky expository bit, and the characterization was strong, as was the acting. I also loved, loved, LOVED Queen Victoria chewing the Doctor and Rose out -- not that it really seemed to give them pause (although if they'd really been chastened by the reprimand, we'd have missed that hilarious conversation about the royal family on the way back to the TARDIS, and I loved that). I can definitely see the Doctor and Rose being set up for a fall with their burgeoning hubris, here. As for the Torchwood stuff, thank you for that anvil, RTD. *rolls eyes* But I can deal with it, because as a whole, the script was quite delightful. I'd never let my kids watch it in a bazillion years, though. Talk about the stuff of nightmares...

My biggest nitpick: was there any particular rationale behind the monks being martial arts experts? Other than "Hey, this would be cool and we can do this Matrix-y thing at the beginning of the episode", I mean? Pfft.

Anyway, good ep overall. I just wish the incidental music didn't keep DROWNING OUT THE DIALOGUE -- how hard can it be to get the sound levels right, really?

Finally, and unrelated to the above, a brief note to self: Do not post fic on a weekend. *sigh*
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