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DOCTOR WHO: "New Earth"

I hate to write two negative reviews in a row, especially for two of my favorite shows, but... wow, that was dumb.

No, really, that was really, really dumb. In fact, I am beginning to think that Russell T. Davies should be forcibly prevented from writing any more episodes.

The moronic, done-to-death body-switching scenario, for one. The rubbishy science that doesn't even try to be remotely plausible even in its vagueness -- gotta love these terrible nameless diseases which infect you instantaneously, yet don't prevent you from all kinds of physical exertion (hello, Russell T., did it never occur to you that humans grown as flesh who have spent their lives in an incubator will have no muscle tone, let alone enough muscle to climb ladders and shove doors open? Have you not even seen The Matrix, for pity's sake?) and are just as instantaneously cured. I know Doctor Who has never purported to be hard SF, but this wasn't even soft SF, it was just plain sloppy.

It wasn't that witty, either -- not even up to RTD's usual standard. And I agree with those who've said that the Doctor/Rose moments seemed kind of forced.


Holding out good hopes for next week, though. The previews look really cool.
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