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This Week's LOST

Note: If you are a fellow LOST fan and prefer not to read negative reviews of shows you love, you may wish to skip this entry.

What, did the entire usual writing staff go on holiday?

I wasn't surprised by anything this week. I saw all the plot developments coming five minutes before they happened, up to and including the ending. There were only a couple of funny lines (one of which was said by Charlie, the other one by Jack for pity's sake) and I actually ended up liking Rose and Bernard less now that I know more about them. Also, what happened to S1 Rose, the one who had strong Christian faith and believed in miracles? I guess now we know a little more about why she might believe in miracles, but last season her religious beliefs were a major part of her character, whereas they weren't even mentioned here (unless you count the "What does God have to do to get your attention?" line, but anyone could have said that about a guy ignoring Niagara Falls).

Also, it is just stupid that everybody suddenly wants to stay on the island and nobody is interested in making a sign or otherwise trying to get rescued. Bernard may have been annoying, but there was no good reason that the Lostaways wouldn't agree he was right, except that the plot demanded it. Also, the whole Jack-and-Kate-tied-up-in-a-tree-almost-k-i-s-s-i-n-g thing was so contrived it was embarrassing. Lame, lame, lame.

Fortunately, the show is usually dead awesome, and there have been some really good eps leading up to this one, so I'm not tempted to give up on it or anything. But man, I want that hour back.
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